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OASIS , a Family Values at Work Initiative

Our Values

OASIS was designed intentionally to be grounded in values that support collective and transformative power to be used for the purpose of developing democratic institutions in state legislatures.

Building Power that Centers Equity

We are committed to helping equity and justice-focused women and non-binary legislators to build power, influence and longevity in their chambers.


We center the experiences of people facing the most barriers to power and resources, and those facing all forms of injustice.

Systems that Serve

We are committed to creating systems that serve people and communities and changing those multiple systems that, intentionally or unintentionally, oppress or cause harm.


We are committed to anti-racism and justice for all people facing oppression – racial, gender, economic, social, environmental, LGBTQ, reproductive and disability justice. 

Gender Inclusive

We aim to support cis women, trans people, non-binary and gender-fluid people. We appreciate and value a broad range of gender expressions and identities.

OASIS Guiding Principles

Being deliberate about how we do our work is as important as what we achieve.

Multi-generational Wisdom & Priorities

We learn from our ancestors and believe all decisions should be made with future generations in mind.

Collective Power

We believe change is possible through collective power building and working in collaboration.

Learning Community

We will learn and unlearn together with honesty, patience, humility, authenticity and intentionality. We will name and learn from our missteps.

Growth through Discomfort & Diversity of Thought

We lean into our discomfort, generative conflict and multiple perspectives.


We prioritize our wellness and joy and celebrate our wins.


We will not work from a scarcity mindset and pit our communities against one another.

Work Well

We believe how we do our work is as important as what we achieve.

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